What Are Others Saying About CINNAMOMMY...

"The best cinnamon rolls I have ever had! Especially the pumpkin ones! Was so amazing!!!! Will defintley be getting more in the future!" - Brittany A.

"So good! Usually I get my cinnamon rolls from a pretty popular bakery in downtown Frederick. These were way better! I'll definitely be ordering from you from now on. Thank you!!" - Karen C.

"Better than Cinnabon them self. I am not exaggerating, see for yourself!" - Jasmine T.

"Well folks, these are probably the best cinnamon rolls I have had including my own. I am a fellow baker and am pretty particular about what I like. We raise most of our own food but these bad boys...delicious! Perfectly soft and cinnamony (just made that one up) . Try them out, you won't be dissappointed." - Stephanie K

"BEST CINNAMON ROLLS EVER! � They were so fresh and the icing was absolutely delicious. I will definitely be ordering more." - Cherea S.

"I got the frostys for Christmas morning and they were amazing! Definitely will be a returning customer."- Maranda K.

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